How to add a token to Metamask?

The way to show your balance on every token is by adding them to your wallet, to do that you will have to:

Step 1

Step 2

Token contract Address

Here is a list of the Expanse Tokens on Eggswap

  • LoveToken – 0x9D2761A714b5b2EfA325a8a3eee21BE32AACeB4A

  • T64 – 0x72332c512bf2dA5A7Cd11752b380F7d8fcBba847

  • LAB – 0x3b4cfcc4532eec161860cb6544f49947544d940d

  • WEXP 0x331631B4bb93b9B8962faE15860BD538a389395A

  • PEX 0x4f5ec5a69dbe12c48ca1edc9c52b1e8896aed932

  • GXP – 0x29a828f7d34769ae5d788bbbe505fa5b2abadf06

  • Lab – 0xa887adb722cf15bc1efe3c6a5d879e0482e8d197

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